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4.5-5.0T Diesel Forklift Truck

4.5-5.0T diesel forklift truck include FD45T,FD50TS and FD50TF models. With good stability, this diesel counterbalance truck is quite suitable for loading heavy cargoes. It can be used at any time and applied in outdoors. Compared to gasoline engine, diesel engine possesses better power performance and low fuel charge. The engine is not easy to flame out even at low speed. It owns strong overload capacity and long-term working capacity. Besides, TEU can provide different sizes of diesel forklift trucks according to customers' needs.
Optional Engines
FD45T,FD50TS,FD50TF: Chinese 4108,Mitsubishi S6S
  • Competitive Advantages
  • TEU possesses an innovative R&D team. Its members own more than 10 years' professional design work experience of diesel counterbalance truck.
  • We have got 13 patent certificates. Our company is one of the state-level high-tech enterprises. It is also the engineering and technological research center of industrial diesel forklift truck.
  • It can be equipped with various engines, which is convenient for customers to choose.
  • Enclosed type driver cab is also available with this forklift.
  • This diesel counterbalance truck comes with optimized framework which provides high stability and gets rid of the risk of truck tumbling. The turning radius is small, allowing flexible movement and easy operation. Integration of the operating system makes it easier to manipulate.
  • TEU 3.5-5T diesel forklift truck has humanized hydraulic joystick and adjustable steering wheel. Drivers are not apt to wear out even after a long time work.
  • The mast using special roller bearings ensures extended use life and improves reliability.
  • The diesel counterbalance truck is equipped with an aluminum radiator and a torque converter with cooling fins for high durability. They contribute to increase productivity and efficiency.

Main Components of 4.5-5.0T Diesel Forklift Truck

Engine It is the power unit of the forklift truck, which converts heat energy into mechanical energy.
Transmission Gear It includes clutch, transmission, main transmission, differential mechanism, axle shaft, etc.
Operating Control It consists of steering mechanism and brake system.
Working Device It includes inside and outside door frame, fork mounting, pallet fork, lifting chain, roller, pulley and other parts. Its role is to lift or stack cargoes.
Hydraulic System It includes fuel tank, hydraulic pump, distributor, lifting hydraulic cylinder and tilt cylinder. It can realize lifting and tilting of cargoes.
Electric System It consists of power section and the electric part, such as storage battery, alternator, starter motor, ignition device, illumination device and loudspeaker.
  • Attentions

    of 4.5-5.0T Diesel Forklift Truck

  • Customers should fully know the working environment, the maximum load and the maximum lifting height of 3.5-5T diesel counterbalance trucks and then choose appropriate models and configurations.
  • Drivers who have been trained and hold driving license can drive this forklift truck.
  • Check each control and alarm device before driving these diesel forklift trucks. If there is damage, they must be operated after repair.
  • Stable starting, steering, driving, braking and stopping are quite necessary. When we drive diesel counterbalance trucks on wet or slippery road, we need to slow down while steering.
  • Material handling should not exceed the specified load. The pallet fork should insert below the cargoes and make cargoes distribute evenly on the fork. It is prohibited to use a single fork tip to pick the cargoes.
  • When the 3.5-5T diesel forklift trucks loaded with material are driving, we should ensure that the cargoes are lowered and the door frame is inclined to the rear.
  • Clients need to pay attention to daily maintenance of diesel counterbalance trucks.
Packaging and Transportation
Shipping By Container.
TEU is a professional manufacturer and supplier of diesel counterbalance trucks in China. With registered capital of fifteen million RMB, TEU is mainly engaged in the production, sales and after-sales services of 1.5-10T diesel forklift, 2-4.5T gasoline forklift truck and 1.5-4T electric forklift. Till now, we have established exclusive selling agencies in Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Korea and Iran. Our diesel forklift trucks have been exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe. TEU has established perfect quality management system to dominate