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Electric Reach Forklift Truck(FRB)

1.5-1.8T electric forklift truck is essential equipment in modern logistics system. It is mainly composed of motor system and electric control system. Electric forklift is widely used in various warehouse, workshop, large store and supermarket.
  • Features
  • 1.5-1.8T electric forklift truck adopts AC walking motor from famous brand which combined advanced American technology (FB15 walking motor from that supplier performs well and the failure rate is zero so far).
  • Both encoder and temperature sensor of reach forklift are imported from American famous brand Honeywell. Thus the reliability of electric motor can be ensured.
  • Important parts of hydraulic system adopt multitandem valve and low noise pump from famous Japanese brand Shimadzu. High pressure oil pump of reach forklift is imported from world famous brand EATON.
  • Maintenance
  • After working, electric forklift truck must conduct a routine maintenance.
  • Reach forklift should conduct a first class technical maintenance when it works for accumulated 100 hours. A class of working system is equivalent to two weeks.
  • Electric forklift truck should conduct a secondary technical maintenance when it works for accumulated 500 hours. A class of working system is equivalent to a quater of a year.
TEU is a professional supplier and exporter of electric forklift trucks in China. Our company is also engaged in producing 1.5-10T diesel forklift and 1.5-5T gasoline forklift truck. Till now, we have established exclusive selling agencies in Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Korea and Iran. Our electric counterbalance forklift trucks have been exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.