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3.0-4.0T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Truck

TEU is a professional3.0-4.0T Gasoline/LPG Forklift Truck manufacturer. Our forklift trucks adopt gasoline as power sources. With good stability, this3.0-4.0T petrol forklift truck is quite suitable for loading heavy duty cargoes. It can be used at any time and applied in the outdoors. Compared to diesel engine, gasoline engine is characterized by small dimension, light weight, high output power, low noise, small vibration and low price. In addition to this petrol forklift truck, our company is also engaged in producing 1.5-11.5T diesel forklift and 1.5-4T electric forklift. They have been exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.
Load capacity kg 3000 3500
Load center mm 500
DIMENSIONS Max. lifting height(VM300) mm 3000
Free lift(VM300) mm 150
Fork size (L×W×T) mm 1070*125*45 1070*125*50
Overall length(without fork) mm 2705 2760
Total width mm 1225 1285
Mast height (fork lowering) mm 2075
Overall height fork raised mm 4250
Height to head guard mm 2140
Truck weight kg 4300 4700
TIRES front/rear
front axle
rear axle
Rated power kw/rpm 31.2/2250 37.4/2300
Rated torque Nm/rpm 144/1600 177/1600
Number of cylinders
4 4
Dislacement L 2.065 2.488
Optional Engine
FG35,FG40: NISSAN K21,K25

Main Parts

Engine It is the power unit of the forklift truck, which converts heat energy into mechanical energy.
Transmission Gear It includes clutch, transmission, main transmission, differential mechanism, axle shaft, etc.
Operating Control It consists of steering mechanism and brake system.
Working Device It includes inside and outside door frame, fork mounting, pallet fork, lifting chain, roller, pulley and other parts. Its role is to lift or stack cargoes.
Hydraulic System It includes fuel tank, hydraulic pump, distributor, lifting hydraulic cylinder and tilt cylinder. It can realize lifting and tilting of cargoes.
Electric System It consists of power section and the electric part, such as storage battery, alternator, starter motor, ignition device, illumination device and loudspeaker.
Packaging and Transportation
Shipping By Container.
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