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FG45T Gasoline Forklift

TEU is a professional petrol forklift truck manufacturer. Our forklift trucks adopt gasoline as power sources. It is available with a loading capacity of 4.5 tons. With good stability, this 4.5 ton gasoline forklift is quite suitable for loading heavy duty cargoes. It can be used at any time and applied in the outdoors. Different from diesel engine, gasoline engine is featured with small dimension, light weight, high output power, low noise, small vibration and low price. Besides, our company is also engaged in producing 1.5-10T diesel forklift and 1.5-4T electric forklift. Our 4.5 ton gasoline forklifts have been sold to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.
Main Parts of 4.5 ton Gasoline Forklift Truck
4.5T petrol forklift truck is mainly composed of engine, transmission, operating control device, working device, hydraulic system and electric system.
Packaging and Transportation
Shipping By Container.
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